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All you need is to have a decent website, with quality content, hosted on a domain of your own (Note: Blogspot or websites hosted on free hostings are not accepted). Here are the steps:

How to add a website and start monetizing your traffic?

Quick video on how to add your website to our network.

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1. To add the website, select the Publisher Section, click on New Placement, add all the required information and hit Submit details.

add your website

2. Once the website is submitted it will enter in a pending status. We shall verify and approve it within 12 hours, it usually takes 1-2 hours.

wait for the website to be approved

3. After approval, the website status will change to Active. Then you will be able to click on Monetization tools. From there you will select a Frequency Cap of 1 time / 24 hours and click on Generate Code After adding the code between your websites’ head tags, you will start earning money. For information regarding the amount earned, use the Statistics section, right under monetization tools. That’s it !

popunder code

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